Great Basin SUV Trails I

Southern Nevada

GB1General Location:
– Southern Nye County and Much of Clark County
Number of Trails Included:
– 32 backcountry excursions
Fun Facts:
– Lots of history packed between the covers
– 272 pages

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Great Basin SUV Trails, Volume I – Southern Nevada describes 32 backcountry outings in Southern Nevada. These rough road adventures will take the four-wheeler on excursions out of Las Vegas, Boulder City, Searchlight, Laughlin, Pahrump and Beatty. As always, Roger and Loris Mitchell describe the flora, fauna, geology, and history to be encountered along the way. This 288-page book is well illustrated with many historic photographs, some of which were taken by Roger himself! Although not all of the roads the authors take you over require the use of four-wheel drive, all do require greater ground clearance than is afforded by the modern automobiles of today. All of the routes described should be within the capability of today’s SUVs. Each trail description includes a degree of difficulty rating, detailed directions, GPS coordinates and route maps.

ISBN: 0-9707115-4-9

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