Exploring the Sierra Vista National Scenic Byway

BywayGeneral Location:
– Eastern Madera County just south of Yosemite National Park
Fun Facts:
– 100 mile long scenic byway suitable for the family Buick
– 1 dozen side trips to such places as exact center of California, airplane crash site and Nelder Grove of giant sequoia trees.
– 160 pages

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The Sierra Vista National Scenic Byway is one of California’s best-kept secrets. Situated immediately south Yosemite National Park, this little known heart of the High Sierra is made accessible by a 100-mile long ribbon of roadway that circles this enchanted land. Our 160-page guide Exploring the Sierra Vista National Scenic Byway describes a 100-mile long (mostly paved) scenic byway that starts at North Fork, near the exact geographical center of California, making a loop up to the southern boundary of Yosemite National Park, and ending at Oakhurst. Along the way, the reader will drive through deep forests of fir and pine to see the deep gorges of the San Joaquin River, the magnificent crest of the Sierra Nevada, and Yosemite-like granite domes rounded by exfoliation, glaciation, and weathering. There are also geologic oddities, such as a natural arch and Globe Rock, and historic old cabins. The guide also includes a dozen short side trips off the byway, where easy hiking trails lead through groves of mighty Sequoia trees, to the top of Fresno Dome, and to the crash site of a World War II fighter aircraft.

ISBN: 0-9707115-8-1

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